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Gator Well & Septic is your local Jacksonville, FL Septic Tank Service Provider committed to providing high-quality septic tank services. We specialize in residential and commercial septic tank pumping, septic installation, septic repair, septic system replacement, and septic pump replacement. Our courteous and experienced office staff and highly-trained septic technicians are here to assist with any of your septic tank service or septic repair needs. Next time you need quality septic services in Jacksonville, remember Gator Well & Septic is just a phone call away. Contact us today!


Septic System Installations

A properly installed septic system can last up to thirty years and should require little maintenance outside of regular septic tank pumping. However, over time, everything from washing laundry to flushing the toilet to washing dishes can strain the septic system. How can you tell if your septic system needs replacing? Here are six signs you need to give Gator Well & Septic a call.

Water is Slow to Drain

  • Age of the Septic System
  • Greener Grass Patches in Yard
  • Seeing or Smelling Raw Sewage
  • Flushing Multiple Times to Clear the Toilet
  • Gurgling Toilet, Shower, or other Plumbing Fixtures
  • Unexpected Puddles over the Septic Tank or Drain Field
Whether you need your entire septic system replaced or your septic, dosing tank, or drain field replaced, proper installation is the key to septic system longevity. Our Gator Well & Septic team has over twenty years of experience installing residential and commercial septic systems. We offer free estimates for new construction septic installations or septic system replacement. Give us a call today.

Septic Tank Pumping

Septic Tank Pumping

A septic tank needs pumping every 3 to 5 years to eliminate a tank's sludge build-up and ensure longevity in the overall septic system. Regular septic tank pumping safeguards your septic system from potential problems before they happen and can eliminate costly septic repairs.

Trust Gator Well & Septic as your local septic tank pumping expert to care for your septic system. Give us a call today!

Septic Pump Repair & Replacement

A septic pump, also known as a sump pump or a dosing pump, moves wastewater from the dosing tank to the drain field. The dosing system consists of a dosing tank, float, float switch, and an alarm box. The float measures the water level in the dosing tank. Once the wastewater reaches a high level, the float will signal the septic pump to pump the excess water into the drain field. If the pump fails and cannot pump the water into the drain field, the rising water level will signal the float switch to activate an alarm. The alarm warns that water levels are too high in the dosing tank and the pump needs replacing. Delaying your septic pump repair or replacement can cause a backup of wastewater in your house. Don't delay; call Gator Well & Septic today.

Septic Inspections

A septic system can last up to thirty years, but over time, structural problems within the septic tank or drain field can occur. Since septic systems are underground, it's easy to overlook common septic issues such as a root-bound drain field, a deteriorating septic tank, or blockages in the plumbing. However, scheduling a routine septic inspection can identify septic issues before they cause severe long-term damage. A standard septic inspection should occur every three to five years or when filing for a septic permit and before the sale of a home.

New Home Purchase Septic Inspection

A full septic inspection is a thorough examination of the condition of the septic system. Septic inspections identify any significant deficiencies inside or outside the septic tank, drain field, and dosing system so the buyer can avoid purchasing a property needing major septic repairs. Issues discovered in a septic inspection could obligate the seller to make necessary repairs, reduce the selling price, or give a buyer a way out of the contract. A septic inspection is a crucial step toward purchasing a home to help the buyer avoid additional expenses due to an inspection uncovering needed repairs that could have gone unnoticed or undisclosed at the time of the sale. Gator Well & Septic is an industry leader in providing residential septic inspections for the purchase of your home. Give us a call today.